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Systems & Behavioural Neuroscience

Systems And Behavioural Neuroscience

Our systems and behavioural neurosciences researchers focus on the question of how the brain works, one of the great questions in scientific exploration. Perception, cognition, learning, memory, reasoning, emotion and other aspects of psychological functioning depend on the communication that occurs among the brain’s neurons. Behavioural neuroscientists study the relationships of behaviour and what happens in the brain, with the goal of understanding the neural bases of psychological and behavioural responses. Systems and behavioural neuroscientists study behavioural mechanisms using techniques ranging from recording of activity in single neurons to imaging activity in the human brain.

Current Research Topics

  • Computational and cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory
  • Perceptual learning and development, aging and vision
  • Healthy and disrupted brain structure using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Audition, auditory development and localization, and animal communication
  • Sensory neuroscience and synaptic plasticity
  • Volitional action and the sense of agency
  • Visual attention, motion processing and visual search
  • Tactile perception and spatial attention
  • Virtual reality