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Our Research Areas

A great diversity of research areas exists in PNB, with a common theme of studying animal and human behaviour, cognition, and perception. Internationally recognized strengths in the department include Music Cognition, Evolutionary Psychology/Animal Behaviour, and Developmental Psychology and we are growing our current strengths in Neuroscience. The highly diverse research environment in our department positions us to conduct multidisciplinary and translational research.

Information Box Group

Animal Behaviour Explore Animal Behaviour Research Area

We use evolutionary and psychophysical approaches to study animal behaviour…

Cognition & Perception Explore Cognition & Perception Research Area

Our cognitive psychologists study how people perceive and operate in the world around them…

Developmental Psychology Explore Developmental Psychology Research Area

We explore the factors that influence human development: Physical, perceptual, cognitive, emotional and social…

Evolution & Social Behaviour Explore Evolution & Social Behaviour Research Area

Using an integrated approach, our researchers study the interplay of social cognition, social behaviour and the evolution of behaviour…

Systems & Behavioural Neuroscience Explore Systems & Behavioural Neuroscience Research Area

Understanding how the brain works at the neural level is one of the great questions in science…

Research & Clinical Training Explore Research & Clinical Training Research Area

Providing students with rigorous clinical training in addition to the core PNB graduate program…

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If you are an undergraduate student looking for potential research supervisors, please see the potential supervisors list.

To view research interests of faculty members, please see our faculty member profiles.