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Specific forms are required when you need to petition for special consideration, request course adjustments, request extensions, etc. Many requests require statements from the student, the student's supervisor, and the department Graduate Chair.
If any of the links below are broken, visit the SGS Resources page to search for the specific form.

Extension form

- request for an extension for Time to Completion (including final defence),
- request for an extension for your Comprehensive Examination,
- request for an extension for Visiting Scholars,
- request for an extension for Course Requirements (e.g. an INC until a certain date).

In-Program Course Adjustments form

- request for transfer credit,
- request for transfer from one program to another,
- request for change in course designation (e.g. from required to extra credit),
- request to designate a course outside of one’s program in place of a required course,
- request to designate a course outside of one’s program as an elective course.

Petition for Special Consideration

- request a leave of absence that does NOT include pregnancy or parental leave (see also Leaves of Absence),
- request retroactive drop/add,
- petition for change in supervisor,
- request extension on annual supervisory meeting (rarely done; talk to your Graduate Chair),
- request deferred course examination,
- request waiver of adverse ruling or decision about academic performance for compelling medical, personal or family reasons,
- request adjustment in the timing of re-entry into program or to defend a thesis.

Parenting Leave form

- request a Pregnancy or Parenting Leave.