Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neurobiology of Social Behaviour
The Choe Lab at the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, McMaster University investigates neurobiological mechanisms underlying social behaviour using a multi-scale approach with a wide array of techniques including in vitro electrophysiology, molecular biology, confocal and lightsheet imaging, optogenetic and chemogenetics, in vivo fiber photometry recordings, mouse fMRI and behaviour assays. The postdoctoral fellow will conduct research projects related to our group’s core interests using any number of above listed approaches.
Previous experience with in vitro slice or in vivo electrophysiology, confocal microscopy, and/or fMRI (especially using rodent models) is preferred but not necessary. In addition, previous experience with autism neurobiology, developmental neurobiology, and mouse behaviour would be beneficial.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please send a cover letter, current CV, and a list of 3 references to Dr. Katrina Choe at We will notify applicants before contacting any references.