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We welcome Manav and Jessica!

   May 01, 2022

Manav Shardha and Jessica Chen join our lab as undergraduate research students. 

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New publication - Oxytocin normalizes altered circuit connectivity for social rescue of the Cntnap2 KO mouse

   March 02, 2022

Dr. Choe's postdoctoral work at the Geschwind lab (UCLA) was published in the journal Neuron!

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   January 12, 2022

Katrina was named Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in neurobiology of social behaviour. See Brighter World story here!

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Welcome Aishwarya!

   SEPT 01, 2021

Aishwarya Patwardhan joins our lab as a PhD student!

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NSERC Discovery Grant

   April 16, 2021

Our project titled "The role of CASPR2 in central oxytocin system development" has been funded by NSERC!

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McMaster University's Brighter World highlights our work

   Jan 27, 2021

Click here to read the media release!

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Our research was featured on Spectrum News! 

   Jan 13, 2021

Check out this cool writeup by Alla Katsnelson, highlighting our SfN Global Connectome virtual presentation.

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The Choe lab officially opens and welcomes its new members!

   SEPT 01, 2020

Joshua Rychlik and Katy Sandoval have started their graduate studies as the inaugural members of the Choe lab!