Spiking Neural Models

Spring 2003


Sue Becker, PC-312


Tuesdays 1-3pm, Room PC-311, May 20 - July 22, except in week 6 we will meet on Wednesday July 2nd instead of Tuesday July 1 (Canada Day).


Essay/project 25%
Two presentations 25% each
Participation 25%

Students taking this for comprehensive credit will be evaluated as follows:
Essay/project 40%
One presentation 40% each
Participation 20%

An outline of the proposed presentation must be given to the instructor at least 1 week prior to the date of the presentation. 5% of the presentation credit is for the outline; the remainder is for the presentation itself. Presentations should cover the main concepts in the assigned reading. An ideal presentation would also include a critical evaluation of the material, and/or suggest questions for discussion. Many of the readings contain advanced mathematical content. Given the mixed backgrounds of the participants, this material should be presented at as high a level and as simply as possible, emphasizing the conceptual ideas behind the mathematical concepts and not just the math itself, and omitting proofs and derivations. Presenters participating for course/comp credit must arrange to meet with the instructor AT LEAST one week prior to their presentation, to discuss their proposed outline, and any material in the assigned reading that may be unclear.

The first 5% of the participation credit will be earned by attending all 10 of the weekly meetings, and the remainder will be earned by handing in a one-page double-spaced summary of each of of 14 readings (Psych734) or any 7 of the readings (comprehensives). Summaries are due no later than 1 week after the meeting in which the reading was discussed.

The essay will consist of a critical review of a specific area in the literature, maximum 30 pages (psych734) or 20 pages (comprehensives). The project will involve the implementation of a model in the literature or a novel model (psych734) or simulation runs of one of the models from the Wilson text available on floppy from the instructor (comprehensives), simulation experiments with the model, and accompanying writeup with a brief discussion of the relevant literature, description of the model, results and discussion. Essays and projects are due July 22 at 1pm.


Please see the Spiking Neuron Models Journal Club web page.